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Company Goals:

Company Profile

Company Values:

AFGM Video Productions is a global media company located in beautiful downtown Oakland, California just 10 minutes away from San Francisco.

AFGM Entertainment is the parent company and was established in 2005. 

Our goals of providing distinct creative original video content will be accomplished by pursuing our mission statement on a daily basis.

To become the preferred orginal video content provider for our potential clients:

1) Promote feasible production and options for clients depending on their budgets.
2) Constantly expand and revise our offerings, reflecting the desires and needs expressed from client feedback.
3) Continuously seek new opportunities to gain market share and become a regional market leader.

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results on time and within budget for our corporate partners for 10 years.

Our company mission will always be to provide quality, professionalism, integrity, reliable, and excellent customer service.

Our proven track record of effective ads, on-budget productions, and media buys takes the stress out of managing your project and leaves our clients or an audience an experience they won’t forget.

Company Mission:

Our business and personal dealings, agreements. and relationships will be conducted in the highest ethical and professional manner.

We believe in client service and treat our clients with the highest of respect beginning with the professional demeanor and expertise of our production crew.